The Team

Not only is our customer retention rate extremely high, but so is the retention rate of our employees!

Most of our team has been working together for over 10 years, allowing us to grow and develop together as a company and as a team.

Fior Lostumbo, Senior Partner & Founder – 1996

If you’re looking to build your business, you want Fior Lostumbo on your team. As a founding partner of Stratatech, he knows success takes long hours, creativity and a continuing commitment to staying on the cutting edge. His list of systems certifications reads like a Who’s Who of the tech industry. That’s why, even in his senior role, he’s still the go-to guy when his staff or clients need answers, particularly when the pressure’s on.

“Everyone is comfortable with asking me for help… I am very hands on and I’m available to clients and staff day and night. I’m always trying to figure out how to do things better or make things better…that’s why I average a 70 hour work week. The gears are always spinning.”

Al Boccanfuso, Partner – Operations Manager & Controller – 1997

Al Boccanfuso knows a good opportunity when he sees one. As a founding partner of Stratatech, he specializes in sourcing the new technology and services clients count on to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. He’s a stickler for details, and his customers know that with Al on the case, the job gets done correctly and cost-effectively.

“I need to understand how something works and see if it can be done better. My goal is to provide clients with not only a sound solution, but the most cost effective one as well.”

Louis Lostumbo, Partner – Senior Engineer – 1997

Louis Lostumbo is a man in motion. When he’s not collecting and riding vintage motorcycles, he’s busy breaking new ground in the world of audio/visual and streaming media. Having spent the late 1990s as Director of Streaming Media at Microcast Systems, he’s worked with the technology since its infancy, and knows all about the pressure of delivering a top streaming platform feed in real time.

“Those early years in streaming gave me an incredible ability to stay focused under pressure…they turned me into a perfectionist who won’t stop until I’m delivering the highest quality and best value to my clients at all times.”

Paul Diamantis, Partner – Senior Network Engineer – 1998

A graduate of UConn, Paul Diamantis is a proud Husky who’s well-schooled on the value of teamwork. His customer service and management styles are all about sharing the best of what his team has to offer, and synthesizing that knowledge to build a game-changing strategy. His clients know they can count on him to deliver win after win.

“Two decades of consulting has given me the experience to know when to play by the rules and when to think outside the box to find that unique solution. It’s never enough for me to know that something works…I always need to know why it works.”

Timothy Renz, Partner – Senior Engineer – 2001

Timothy Renz is not your typical science guy. Sure, he holds two science degrees—in Electrical Engineering and Physics. But despite his years in the lab, he’s a dedicated athlete who made the time to play team sports all his life. These dual passions reflect Tim’s business and leadership style, and his approach to client service.

“I’m a perfectionist and I take pride in our work, which I believe translates into the best possible solutions for our clients’ businesses. At the same time, my years of experience on sports fields have shown me how important it is to build relationships and work as a team with colleagues, vendors and clients alike.”

Roody Augustin, IT Support / Engineer – 2010

Roody Augustin is a fast learner. An engineering grad of CCNY, he knows that being quick on the uptake will always keep him ahead in his fast-paced industry. Clients count on him every day for his ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve their issues.

“I’m extremely flexible…I’ll happily jump into any project where I can be of help. I’m also a good listener, and happy to hear constructive feedback to build both my skills and Stratatech’s products and services.”

Communities We Serve

Stratatech provides IT infrastructure for small, medium, and large businesses in Fairfield County Connecticut, the Greater New York area, New York City, as well as surrounding towns, including Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Stamford, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Wilton, Westport, and Weston.